The Ancient History of Jewelry

The material from which the oldest civilizations made jewelry ranged from simple pearls to precious metals such as gold and silver. In fact, antique jewelry was often used as a kind of toy or personal jewelry, but it also had more serious uses and meanings. Jewelry or jewelry (also spelled “jewelry”), originally from the Latin … Read more

Ancient History of Stonehenge

Stonehenge, like other archaeological discoveries, has revealed the secrets of Britain since 2500 BC. It has lived, died, served and told us what life was like for our ancient ancestors.  The first thing this great stone circle tells us is that life in prehistoric Britain was pretty good, at least for a while. Located on … Read more

Make Burglary Ancient History

The tombs of great kings and nobles in Egypt were built to preserve the corpses and possessions of the deceased for all eternity. Many of them have disappeared, although many have lasted thousands of years and some even centuries.  The burial chambers were specifically located and the chambers and corridors of the tombs were filled … Read more

Tracing The Ancient History Of Wine

Wine has been traded in the Middle East since ancient times by Islam and Aramaic merchants, and it is fascinating to see how many brands have emerged since the first bottle. Archaeologists believe that wine originated from the domestication of vines at a young age. It is believed that the first production of wine originated … Read more