Fishing checklist

You can be a novice or expert in catching fish. You can choose different methods for fishing. And you may want to catch different types of fish, such as and carp, sea bass. Everyone’s choice may be different… but that never changes: catching fish is fun for everyone! Of course, it will be more fun … Read more

The Process of Metal Working

Metalworking is the process of working with metals to create a diverse range of products, from the hulls of ships to engagement rings. There are many reasons to practice metalworking. Metalworking can be used for experimentation, to create works of art, for enjoyment, as its own profession, or as part of a profession. The many … Read more

11 Resume Formats You Can Choose From

People keep asking me if there are any options related to creating and crafting Resumes. Here are the Various Types which I have designed over the period of time. The different kinds of Resumes can be categorised into the following brackets: 1. Chronological Resume 2. Functional Resume 3. Combination Resume 4. Targeted Resume 5. Mini … Read more