Knowing the Street Arts Better

After vandals smeared clumsy slogans and other graffiti on the walls of public buildings in the past, they have given way to people who have made themselves known as artists in newly developed schools.  The world of street art, or graffiti, is one of the most popular forms of public art in the United States. … Read more

Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes

This amazingly moist cupcake recipe is a classic that should be a staple in your sweet rotation. If you love Oreo cookies, try these chocolate cupcakes with Oreos and buttercream. The buttercream is an OreO lover’s dream, filled with crushed cookies, chocolate chips and, of course, a bit of chocolate.  If you like Oreos, you’ll … Read more

The Baby Blanket – A Bountiful Bargain

As children get older and also stop using their infant covers, they can be reduced to squares and turned into a jumble of quilts for future generations, down to the squares. This makes the blanket particularly personal for the young person and makes it a very welcome but also helpful gift. You can embed as … Read more

Newborn Supplies That Your Baby Needs

Remember, if you’ve ever worried about how little you can buy to prepare for your baby’s arrival, rest assured you don’t need a $400 high chair. Just focus on what you need in the first few weeks, and everything else you can pick up on the go. If you needed a good list of things, … Read more