Famous Love Quotes

Whether it’s a message to a specific person on a Valentine’s card, looking for a feeling that you can add to your marriage idea, or you need a quote for your anniversary, these love quotes can help put into words how you feel. 

The following love quotes are perfect for any occasion in life and can help you through a heavy or broken heart or tell you how much you really mean to him or her. Whether you are looking for a love offer for your wedding anniversary, birthday or even your first date, we have you covered. 

Here are some of the best French love quotes to help you share your feelings with a loved one, broaden your vocabulary, add something special to a romantic evening, or even find the perfect quote to inspire a tattoo. It comes from the romantic poem by the famous poet and playwright Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1811-1884) from 1832. 

It represents the feeling of being closely connected to the other person and discovering the best of yourself. Romantic love is the love of the heart, the deepest, most intimate and most personal kind of love. It is love in all its many forms: romantic, romantic, sexual, emotional, spiritual, religious, political, social, intellectual, artistic, scientific or religious. 

A number of Disney movies confirm the idea that love is powerful, and here are some of the best Disney quotes about love that can touch your soul and let your lover know how much you love her. We’ve just selected some of the best movie quotes about love, so you can find all the most romantic love lines in one place. 


Over time, Walt Disney’s characters and cartoons are still relatable and inspiring, and for good reason: they’re so much fun to watch. 

If the most famous love quotes you have read in the past do little to speak to your particular soul, we guarantee that there are at least several here who will make you say: “I want to please my sweetheart with this. 

So treat yourself to a glass of wine, relax, imagine the person who makes your heart dance and imagine yourself dancing. Your heart beats fast and you can’t help but be in awe of the light that your love brings to the world. If you are like me, you will be able to think beyond yourself and appreciate the love that brings light into this world, and show your gratitude for what makes life worth living. You will know that you have found one that you can save and perhaps even share with you, so relax and enjoy! 

We may never know if love can really move mountains, but we know that a love recognition post is fine. So enjoy the romance and breathe in this wonderful feeling of deep affection with these love quotations. 

The quotation above states that although love does not make everything work in the world, love is the most precious thing in the world. This is an interesting quote, because we need to know that love sets the worlds in motion, which means that it is what makes everything in our world work, right? Franklin P. Jones disagreed, saying, “Love is not just about working for you, but about becoming tender and taking care of yourself as a habit. 


Hundreds of famous quotations were quoted using love as the central idea, and since then hundreds of thousands of films have been made, countless books written, numerous songs sung and written about it, hundreds if not thousands of songs, films, books, television programmes, films, music, etc. 

If you are not aware of what love is all about and are waiting for true love to come, grab these famous and meaningful love quotes that tell you all about love and the magic of falling in love. The following sweet and romantic quotes will certainly put a smile on your face, as you too have experienced love of truth in your life. You will always be loved in life, love will always be like this How does love make you perfect? 

Love is one of the best things to share with your partner on the big day, but it can be philosophical love like Lao Tzu. Love will move you forward in life, not only in your life, but also in the world around you. 

Feel the strength and courage in each other, in your family, friends, colleagues and even in the world around you, no matter how small or large. 

The one liner that ends really insanely with “I love you” is just the icing on the cake and only increases the appeal of love. If you are lucky enough to share this special bond and love, then talk to yourself about this quote and you will certainly feel very special.



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