Doing Well on the AP World History Test

It is difficult to know where to start when studying for the AP World History Test, but the good news is that you should be looking primarily at the history of the world, not just the United States, and it is not as scary to check it out as you might think. The curriculum, which … Read more

Mathematician Re-engineers Quilting

In addition to learning mathematical concepts, students also gain confidence and learn to be persistent when faced with challenges, including challenges related to math, Tong said. Although this is only the second semester that Tong uses quilting as part of her math class, she is aware of how educators can combine mathematics and art to … Read more

Children’s Art Paintings

This is a fun and messy finger painting that will leave your child with beautiful results. This activity can be used to teach your children how to transfer and copy images, or you can use pre-printed Warhol artist cards. Starry Night “is a title that small children can remember, and Van Gogh is another name … Read more

A Guide For Interior Design When Choosing Art

However, determining the correct size and placement of new artworks can sometimes seem daunting. As an artist who designs bespoke paintings for clients, I would like to help with one of the common questions so many of us have when planning our art purchases: Which painting size should we choose for our walls? Here’s how … Read more

Famous Love Quotes

Whether it’s a message to a specific person on a Valentine’s card, looking for a feeling that you can add to your marriage idea, or you need a quote for your anniversary, these love quotes can help put into words how you feel.  The following love quotes are perfect for any occasion in life and … Read more

Tracing The Ancient History Of Wine

Wine has been traded in the Middle East since ancient times by Islam and Aramaic merchants, and it is fascinating to see how many brands have emerged since the first bottle. Archaeologists believe that wine originated from the domestication of vines at a young age. It is believed that the first production of wine originated … Read more

10 Best Classroom Management

The management of an active classroom is filled with proven, practical strategies from successful schools in the United States. The half hour you have to spend in school is mandatory for management in an active classroom. Classrooms built on workflows and routines can foster positive relationships, experience daily productivity, and enjoy a relaxed environment, even … Read more

Pencil Art Drawings As a Birthday Gift

This week I received a high-resolution digital file of my illustrations and sent the photos for purchase. The collection is a collection of drawings by Adina Porter illustrated in a minimalist style. She made these drawings available to me on her website as a birthday present for her husband, a fellow artist. Nevertheless, it is … Read more