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On the tarot, number two is the high priestess’s card, and India’s netizens have been finding solace in it for a few days.

This hand-picked list contains a variety of funny jokes that will make you smile and make your children giggle. Enjoy and laugh out loud over this list of really funny jokes and come back to add new jokes to your fun. 

Animals are funniest when they’re the butt of a joke, which is why we’ve put together some of the best animal jokes of all time. 

The wilderness is already filled with menacing animals thirsting for flesh and blood, and the last thing it needs is a vicious beast laughing condescendingly at its defeated prey. Poop, the brown grizzly bear, is generally one of the most dangerous animals in the world, if not the worst. 

This hand-picked list contains a host of fun jokes that will make you smile, so relax your muscles. Back at the office the next day, some guy starts telling silly blonde jokes and I’m like, “Hey, what? 

The jokes are totally cheesy and silly, but if you stop for a moment and convince yourself, you can change your whole day. Maybe that’s just what you need now: a bit of fun, a few laughs and maybe even a few laughs at your expense. 


On the positive side, the coronavirus is causing a lot of humor across the Internet, with people sharing hilarious and clever jokes, puns, and memes as the virus spreads. We # have brought you a rib – tickling selection of works – from – home memes that you better say will make you laugh while you’re safe at home and get through quarantine seamlessly. I can admit that I need a corresponding sense of humor to appreciate the particular kind of comedy known as paternal wit. 

This fun Father’s Day card is perfect to express your love for your son, daughter, son-in-law, nephew or grandchild. Share these sweet and clean Father’s Day jokes with friends and family and make everyone laugh. 

Make the occasion memorable by sharing these humor Father’s Day jokes with your dad and get H


appy Fathers’ Day J jokes here. Learn more about Black humor college humor Funny Cards from Black Comedy College and you can use these quotes as a gift for your Father’s Day card. 

When Father’s Day arrives, surprise your favorite cheeseball dad with the following jokes. Here are some of the best gags and pranks to celebrate the day and what to do with your dad. These are the funniest Father’s Day jokes ever and make you laugh. 

Your father may still find it funny, and he probably will, but if you’re like me, you probably won’t. If you’ve always wanted to stand out in a crowded room of friends and family, this is it. 

Send your dad a text message full of emojis and tell him a joke in random cups Dear Dad, Warning: This joke is for you. 

Children’s quiz book for children aged 7-9, 8-12 years, full of funny math jokes and math puns, including break jokes, Pi jokes. Here are some of the best dad jokes you can tell your kids, which occasionally sneak into Kibblesmith’s day job. The Bible has so much wisdom, but not as much humor as the Bible itself.

The pastor of your church noticed that the exterior of the building is very similar to the interior of his office building. You come down the street and meet a man and he says, “Oh my God, I’m going to hit you. 

Grandma may be the queen of silly sayings, but Dad is certainly the king of cheesy jokes, and Grandma could be the queen of silly sayings. 

This is a very humorous black joke that makes you laugh so much that you start to cry and it will fill the room. The zebra crossing is there, but I have no doubt you will make some very amusing black jokes. 

The simple zebra crossed by a donkey is known as Zebdonk, Zonkey, Zebrass or Zorse, and it is one of the most popular black jokes in the world.


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