Teaching In The Hormone Zone

Dr. Colbert believes that the root cause of most diseases and degenerations is suboptimal hormone levels, and he has found that we can be part of a disease – resistant cancer. The key is not hormone balance, but optimisation to increase energy and strength, improve mood and memory and help us to feel younger, healthier and happier. 

Many diseases and ailments associated with ageing, such as heart disease, cancer, degenerative bones, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes, to name a few, are attributed to suboptimal hormone levels. Many Christians struggle with depression, anxiety, depression and anxiety disorders, as well as a host of other health problems, from diabetes to cancer and heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and even heart attacks and strokes, according to Dr. Colbert’s research. 

Optimising your hormones means getting your hormone levels to the upper end of the normal range. There is no need to balance hormones just to keep them within the prescribed normal range, where onerous symptoms often persist, Dr. Colbert said. 

Osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases can be reversed by optimizing human growth hormone (HGH) levels. While age is a cause of lower hormone levels, other factors can also be hormone imbalances, according to Dr. Colbert. 

But Dr. Colbert’s Hormone Health Zone gives readers the opportunity to ask the questions their doctors need and request a suitable blood test to determine whether hormone levels need to be optimized. If your own doctor is uncooperative, he advises you to look for a doctor who practices bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. That is why Kenneth Copeland recently sat down with a certified anti-aging physician to discuss his groundbreaking research on the effects of HGH on aging. 

Speaking on The Believer’s Voice of Victory, Kenneth said: ‘We are the Body of Christ and we are blessed to participate in the anointing of Christ. Don Colbert is an apostle of healing, but since we believe in divine health and healing, it is crucial that we take the information God has anointed us and bring it to bear in our lives. More information about Divine Health can be found here and the Hormone Health Zone here, as well as Dr. Colbert’s combined research results here. Learn more about living and walking in divine health here above or on Facebook. 

Dr Colbert said: ‘As people age, the biggest thing we see is a reduction in energy, and the most important thing that hormone optimisation does for men and women is increase energy levels. Gaining strength and preventing disease is certainly an exciting aspect of optimising hormones, but one of the most important things most people opt for is energy. These disruptors reduce testosterone and even cause many men’s sperm counts to fall by 50 per cent. 

In fact, Dr. Colbert believes that this often neglected area of women’s health could be the cause of many frustrating symptoms. The optimal testosterone level for women is 60-70%, sometimes higher, while the range of values is 2-45%, which often makes women feel terrible. 

By optimizing testosterone, women can restore their libido, increase their energy, reverse cellulite, wash out irritability, restore weight loss and libido. Dr. Colbert points out that this is because bioidentical hormones have the same effect as the hormones produced in the body. It debunks the oft-cited studies that have led to the denunciation of oestrogen in women and testosterone in men. 

Only bio-identical hormones can optimise the body’s hormonal system and be introduced as a shot or pellet into the vagina, anus, vagina or other parts of the reproductive system. Bioidentical hormones recognize and utilize the same hormones as the hormones that our body releases, and behave in this way. The introduction of exogenous hormones does not represent the risks posed by synthetic hormones, nor can it reduce the level to a more optimal juvenile range. 

When the hormones reach the level of a 20-year-old, I guess It is due to the effects of hormones on the reproductive system and not to the hormones themselves. 

Health-conscious people can reduce the effects of hormones on the reproductive system and the overall health of the body. You can be part of a thriving, disease-resistant church by learning about the three ways hormones maintain divine health. 

According to Dr. Colbert, the peak in health and vitality can be experienced by optimizing one’s hormones with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. 

Dr. Colbert’s Hormone Health Zone addresses some of the issues that have given hormones a bad name in the past. In recent years, people have become so fearful of hormone therapy. After the Women’s Health Initiative published a study in 2002 indicating that oestrogen causes breast cancer in women, there was a dramatic decline in hormone therapy in women over the next 10 years. 

The medical community literally threw the baby out with the bathwater, and since then women have been suffering and dying unnecessarily. Unfortunately, we have also seen the biggest increase in women’s deaths that we have ever seen, to the extent that doctors have stopped prescribing hormones.


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