Learning Foreign Languages Online

LiveMocha offers you access to free lessons in 35 languages and a range of audiovisual tools to help you practice your language. With Babbel you can learn 14 new languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and more. All are available as free mp3 downloads, which we can download and listen to later. 

Although this online language learning platform focuses exclusively on language, Babbel also teaches you to speak, read and write in the language of your choice. Over the next six weeks, three authors will try to learn a language with the help of one language – learning technology. Freelance journalist Anna Parkin learns Russian with a Skype tutor, we learn French with Rosetta Stone and use DuoLingo to learn Spanish.

Don’t expect to be anywhere near fluent, but you can at least gain a basic understanding of a new language. English – language itself – guided and technology – based learning, and you do not need to learn a foreign language to be successful. 

Rosetta Stone is an intensive, easy-to-follow course designed to help you learn a foreign language within a few weeks. TruAccent, this learning app uses language recognition software designed to help you pronounce and accent correctly. When you learn a language, you can follow your progress on Twitter using the hashtag # learnalanguageonline.

Rosetta Stone is an award-winning program that is supported by millions of users and now has a subscription. As someone who has learned seven languages and has traveled the globe for over a decade, I have a lot of tricks and resources to help me learn languages. RosettaStone is designed for people who are intere

sted in learning a new language in the easiest way, and it is the gold standard when it comes to learning languages. 

These great people have dedicated their time to creating a foreign language learning program created by the United States Foreign Service Institute. If you want to learn a certain language, you can learn more about how to learn a language throughout your life and learn it online.

You will find that most courses are divided into audio clips that revolve around short conversations, which is good for those looking for material that challenges their hearing skills. You can learn to read, write, speak and listen in structured lessons where users are encouraged to apply what they have learned.

Livemocha also gives its users access to virtual courses, but a premium membership is not free. You can also earn lessons by tutoring other clients by editing something they have written in your native language and giving feedback on their pronunciation in audio recordings.

Busuu relies on the efforts of its customers, as registered native speakers, to teach each other, but is also open to any native speaker interested in learning.

The biggest advantage of learning a language online is that students can have their own language experience, not only in their mother tongue, but also in other languages. Today we will look at a teacher offering online language courses to students of living native speakers from all over the world, on many platforms that are popular today. It is truly phenomenal that language students can be taught at home by a living native speaker, one of them. 

Similar to Udemy, Coursera offers a wide range of subjects and topics, including foreign languages and cultures. This site for adult education also offers specialization courses and even online degrees at a much higher price. Although this course is suitable for everyone, it seems to be shifting towards the business world, with courses in economics, finance, accounting, marketing, business administration and more. 

The special thing about this site is that it offers comprehensive lessons and correspondingly offers foreign languages. The website also conducts evaluation tests, with levels classified as beginner, intermediate and advanced. BBC Languages presents useful phrases in over 40 languages in its “Quick Fix” section. However, it is a standard and it is worth learning one of the most popular foreign languages on the Internet, such as English. 

The video lessons are the most valuable component of this site, as it is difficult to find similar offers elsewhere for free. Although it appears to have been built on two disused sites, there is still a place where the best resources can be discovered and shared. 

This page offers free images and flashcards for visual learners who are trying to master a foreign language. The free version offers access to learning 12 different languages and includes a variety of tools to help people memorize vocabulary and sentences permanently. It is available in over 70 different languages, but includes free video lessons in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, English and Chinese.


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