Hardwood Floors For Interior Design And For Home Decorating

The use of hardwood floors, made of wood, for interior design and for home decoration, is a beautiful trend in home decoration, and not only for the home. 

The modern wooden parts bring warmth and beautiful texture to the interior, and the different types of wood created for modern furniture are incorporated into the interior design. The different brown colours and textures of the wood are shown to enhance the space in the rooms in a creative and stylish way. 

These include cedars, firs, pines and sequoias, which give you the opportunity to personalize the modern interior and create a unique habitat. 

Blogger Kristin Eldridge has taken ordinary plywood planks to the next level by using different wood and stain tones for a DIY wall. Softwood is ideal for decorating interiors with carvings and objects with beautiful details. The wood tones shown in this Scandinavian apartment can be seen in decorative pieces such as the wooden floor and the walls of the living room. 

A warm rustic wood accent warms up the interior of this home with a softwood floor and a warm wooden wall in the living room. 

Add a dash of polish with a softwood floor in the living room and a warm wood accent wall for a touch of rustic charm. 

Hardwood floors are available in solid and technical hardwoods in a variety of colors, styles and types of wood. re on the market for a parquet project for your living room, kitchen or bathroom, we have everything you need to get it done. If you have forgotten to carry out a flooring project, there are many options available to you on the Internet and in our online shop. 

Solid wood floors can be sanded, refreshed and refinished to give them a fresh look, as well as in a variety of colors, styles and styles. 

When you add dark wood floors to your home, you create a modern and atmospheric interior that your family and friends will love. Dark wooden floors look striking, give the impression of quality and increase the value of your homes. They are a durable, healthy and low-maintenance option when you renew a home. 

Use the tips in this article to help you choose parquet floors and care for your home interior. If you have wooden floors in your living room, turn the walls and furniture into a mixture of black and white. 

White is usually associated with classic designs, but there are ways to combine it with contemporary designs. Put on white walls and let them merge gracefully with the rustic feel of wooden floors. White walls go well with black and white furniture, but also with dark wooden furniture. Give the wooden floor a dark texture so it looks like a country home, but with a more modern look. 

Magnificent, neutral hardwood floors go well with rooms and make them look bigger, but they also work well in both small and large rooms. Warm hardwood parquet floors go well with white walls, white furniture and even dark wood furniture.

Hardwood is more expensive than softwood because hardwood trees do not grow fast, so this type of wood is expensive and less available. Common types used in modern interior design include wood panelling, which is ideal for outdoor and residential use. Go to warm wood-paneled doors that are as warm as the rest of the house, but not too warm. 

Some living room designs use different color schemes; some are beige and cream light wood, others rich red and dark wood. Hardwood produces interesting grains and offers a wide variety of colors and textures, such as red, green, blue, yellow, orange and green. 

The aesthetic advantages of hardwood floors are the high quality of the wood, its natural colour and structure as well as its durability. 

Almost all living rooms follow a simple and recognizable living room design and have a sofa, chairs and coffee table. Many have a fireplace and shelves, and with a fusion of tones, they are used to create a cozy environment. 

There is no shortage of floor coverings that make the furniture look better than its already stunning aesthetic, especially through the use of hardwood floors. 

This gives colour and warmth to the room and makes monochrome furniture and decor stand out. If you don’t add much color to your living room, you can choose dark or warm hardwood floors. A cool – tinted hardwood floor, which complements your decor, makes the decor even scarcer. 

This living room is a blend of cozy fabrics and contemporary touches, combining different styles with warm, sturdy parquet floors. This beautiful modern living room uses warm orange – tinted flooring as a contrast to cooler – tinted brown panelling. 

Cool – toned décor and neutral hardwood tableware for a modern living room that looks modern and minimalist, yet stylish and comfortable. This grey-themed living room uses light, bright, light hardwoods and floors to add an element of coziness and traditional decor. Sleek and chic, it combines furniture and hardwood floors with beautiful, modern finishes.


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