Good Luck eCards – Do Wishes Really Work?

A dear person, I am a big fan of lucky cards, especially lucky cards like this one from a friend.  If you really care about what you do and work hard, there’s almost nothing you can’t achieve. To achieve great things, one must act, believe, dream and act like a good wish. Keep your good … Read more

5 Most Popular Meme Shirts

The cartoon cat first appeared on August 4, 2018, when the first picture of the most likely creature was posted online. The meme, a portable cultural entity, has failed because artists have designed and sold hundreds of thousands of different versions of it, from the original cartoon to the newer.  While Amazon is largely a … Read more

Top 4 Tips On How To Take Funny Pictures With Your Camera

If you want to take photos with a smartphone and take better pictures, we recommend investing in a selfie stick. This allows you to keep the camera at a more reasonable distance from your body, giving you more control over how you frame and compose your shots. It will also help reduce the weird wide-angle … Read more

Funny Quotes About Life – Where to Use Them

We all know that change is painful, but believing in the future doesn’t have to be scary, and you don’t even have to believe in yourself. You can start over, you don’t have to trust yourself and believe, believe or not, it’s scary.  I was asked to post some funny and inspiring quotes, so if … Read more

Be Cool and Wear an Optimus Prime Costume on Halloween

While the original Transformers costumes were simple, two-dimensional animated efforts, they had a wonderfully flat, angular aesthetic that translated very well into costumes. The same goes for bumblebee costumes, of course, and while they’re not quite as flashy as the costumes he wore in the movies, it’s an incredibly sizable effort. The Boys Costume Deluxe … Read more

Ecards – Use Them To Create More Love

If you develop the right kind of love for your partner and a positive attitude towards them, you can create more opportunities to have peaceful love in your relationship with them. Your partner will be more loving towards you if they are caring, encouraging, supportive, positive, selfless and long lasting in their relationship. It takes … Read more

What Makes a Good Viral Meme?

Memes are the most common form of divisible viral content made on the social web, and memes – generated individuals gaining traction – from over-connected girlfriends to the Internet’s most popular celebrities. There are many different types of memes on social media, but memes are also often seen as the kind of content designed to … Read more

Black Humor, College Humor, Blond Jokes, funny pictures

On the tarot, number two is the high priestess’s card, and India’s netizens have been finding solace in it for a few days. This hand-picked list contains a variety of funny jokes that will make you smile and make your children giggle. Enjoy and laugh out loud over this list of really funny jokes and … Read more