Teaching In The Hormone Zone

Dr. Colbert believes that the root cause of most diseases and degenerations is suboptimal hormone levels, and he has found that we can be part of a disease – resistant cancer. The key is not hormone balance, but optimisation to increase energy and strength, improve mood and memory and help us to feel younger, healthier … Read more

Learning Foreign Languages Online

LiveMocha offers you access to free lessons in 35 languages and a range of audiovisual tools to help you practice your language. With Babbel you can learn 14 new languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and more. All are available as free mp3 downloads, which we can download and listen … Read more

A Special Education Success Story With Add and ADHD

Teenagers with ADHD are organized, and we have customized and modified tests for students with ADD and ADHD. We help secondary school students without ADHD to organize themselves and to do their school work more effectively.  General education teachers receive training for working with children with special needs, including ADHD and learning disabilities. Learning disabilities … Read more

Solve Mathematical Equations Automatically

Have the Equation Wizard solve your mathematical problems on the computer and look at the written solution for you. TV program or your favorite computer game, you can spend some time on it instead of just spending it on math homework (just kidding, I’m kidding).  The Equation Assistant solves algebraic problems by finding the real … Read more

Smooth Teaching Through Classroom Management

A pre-school class can be quite chaotic, but it is important to organize yourself in some way, because it can help ensure that effective learning takes place wherever your children are stationed. It’s easier to keep track of the day when you’re working with kids who are figuring out how to socialize and adapt to … Read more

Top Foreign Languages To Learn

The popularity of Spanish culture, art and music has always made it a popular and popular place to learn. One of the most widely spoken languages in the world today is Mandarin Chinese, according to Wikipedia, with over 1.5 billion speakers worldwide.  Spanish is one of the most popular foreign languages and the second most … Read more

The Special Education IEP and the Parent Underdog

While the district continues to provide educational opportunities for the general student population during the closure, it must ensure that students with disabilities have the same opportunities during the closure, including the Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE) provisions. The district must ensure that all special educational needs can be provided to all students without disabilities … Read more

Mathematician Re-engineers Quilting

In addition to learning mathematical concepts, students also gain confidence and learn to be persistent when faced with challenges, including challenges related to math, Tong said. Although this is only the second semester that Tong uses quilting as part of her math class, she is aware of how educators can combine mathematics and art to … Read more

10 Best Classroom Management

The management of an active classroom is filled with proven, practical strategies from successful schools in the United States. The half hour you have to spend in school is mandatory for management in an active classroom. Classrooms built on workflows and routines can foster positive relationships, experience daily productivity, and enjoy a relaxed environment, even … Read more