Discover The Different Strategies Of Art Lessons

Would you like to find out more about art classes before you decide to devote your university years to this course? Of course, you do since art classes in secondary school are absolutely not the same as a college course. That’s why should consistently research on your program in order to help you to assess … Read more

Knowing the Street Arts Better

After vandals smeared clumsy slogans and other graffiti on the walls of public buildings in the past, they have given way to people who have made themselves known as artists in newly developed schools.  The world of street art, or graffiti, is one of the most popular forms of public art in the United States. … Read more

Stretch Fine Art Canvas Prints For Greater Profit

The New York Times in a recent article about the need to stretch the artificial screen to achieve better profit margins, according to a new study.  POD service that prints art in a range of media (think mobile phone cases, carrier bags, etc.) Upload an image, set your own price for the available print size … Read more

Art History Paintings in American History

Other supporters in the West focused on New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California and other parts of the East Coast.  Gilbert Stuart painted more than 1,000 people, including the first six presidents of the United States. Chapter 1 focuses on George Washington and his journey from New York to Washington, Among his best works is … Read more

6 Tips to Painting Abstract Art Paintings

I believe there is no right or wrong way to make an abstract art painting, but it is important that artists feel free to experiment and explore painting. If you approach the painting style with the following tips, you are more likely to create a work of art that you enjoy as much as you … Read more

Art Drawing – Know Essential Points About Drawing

Prepare your pencil and sketchpad, if you need advice on which pencil to buy, read my article on the best pencils and get ready to learn what you need to know about sketching. There is a big difference between 4H and 4B: H is hard, B pencil is soft, HB sits in the middle, H … Read more

Art Design Courses – What to Look For

If you are looking for a degree that allows you to harness your creativity while establishing your credentials for multiple exciting and innovative careers, studying art design is just the thing for you.  The courses you take to obtain a degree in Art Design broaden your knowledge and give you the necessary tools to do … Read more

Giclee Printing – A True Fine Art Print Process?

Jack Duganne, a graphic designer working in this field, coined the term “giclee” to represent inkjet-based digital prints used in the fine arts. The word giclees is derived from the Greek gicles and means “nozzles” and “cycle,” which means a nozzle, alluding to the high – fast, low-cost – and high-quality printing process. The purpose … Read more

How to Become an Art History Teacher

To become an art teacher in a public school, there are state-approved teacher preparation programs. Prospective art teachers in primary school must pursue a bachelor’s degree, while art teachers in secondary school typically earn a bachelor’s degree in art or art history. In addition, you must work to cultivate your skills to meet your school’s … Read more

Children’s Art Paintings

This is a fun and messy finger painting that will leave your child with beautiful results. This activity can be used to teach your children how to transfer and copy images, or you can use pre-printed Warhol artist cards. Starry Night “is a title that small children can remember, and Van Gogh is another name … Read more