How to Become an Art History Teacher

To become an art teacher in a public school, there are state-approved teacher preparation programs. Prospective art teachers in primary school must pursue a bachelor’s degree, while art teachers in secondary school typically earn a bachelor’s degree in art or art history. In addition, you must work to cultivate your skills to meet your school’s grades and curriculum requirements, as well as academic and emotional needs. 

Professional artists without formal qualifications can qualify for a position as art teachers on the basis of their experience, but may still need to obtain a state license. For prospective teachers who have not completed a bachelor of art, most states now offer a variety of opportunities to obtain state teaching certificates, including a master’s degree in art history or a bachelor’s degree in art education. 

A college-level art teacher can also help students think about how to turn their craft into a career. Art teachers teach the basic principles of art and art history, as well as art history in general, such as painting, drawing, sculpture and photography. 

They do not need to be licensed as an art teacher in a private school, but many private schools require a license as part of their approved teacher training program. Approved teacher training programs such as the New York State Department of Education (NYSE) require licensing. 

Most art teachers acquire a major in art or art history, then take the necessary training courses, receive a Bachelor of Art Education, including all of their classes (including the teaching courses for students), and then receive their Master in Art Education. Some states require you to have a Bachelor of Arts degree in the area in which you plan to teach, but you will want to check whether you intend to teach in that state. However, your state may vary in specific requirements, and some require a bachelor or major degree, while others do not. 

Anyone wishing to become an art teacher in a public school must have at least a bachelor’s degree. Most students do their Bachelor of Arts and then supplement their studies with training courses for their classes. Bachelor students can obtain a teaching certificate by taking a state exam and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education or a Master of Art Education, or both. 

In most cases, art professors begin their academic careers as Bachelor of Arts in Art Education or Master in Art Education. They are artists themselves and often have a background in art history such as painting, drawing, sculpture or photography. Students with a bachelor’s degree will take an art history course and a master’s degree in art education, as well as one or two history lessons.

Those who wish to teach at the college level will seek a master’s or doctorate in art.

To teach art and find a job in a public school district, an art teacher’s degree and certification are required. An art professor must obtain a teacher’s certificate both in the state in which he intends to teach and in each of the states in which he teaches.

The goal of an art teacher is to teach art skills and art theory, but at the elementary level, art concepts are generally more fundamental and cover a broader range of artistic styles and techniques. This means that art projects will lead to more advanced concepts such as painting, drawing and sculpture, as well as art history and art history.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in art history or a major in art education with a major in history, you can also take a major in art education at your local university.

Certain colleges and universities also offer art classes as a minor subject for students who are interested in the subject but not sure if they want to become teachers. Future art teachers will have to hold and teach observation lessons during their studies. You may also have a teaching qualification or certificate, although the requirements may vary slightly depending on the educational institution. 

After completing a bachelor’s degree, most teaching students find a job as an art history teacher at a high school, college or university. An art education Minor helps students qualify for a job as an art teacher, and at some levels, art teachers “salaries range from $47,000 to $56,000. 

We offer several accredited program options to students who are interested in a career in art teaching and want to continue their studies in the field of art education. We welcome applicants from all over the United States as well as international students from around the world. The UF undergraduate arts program is aimed at students who plan to teach art in public schools or in a variety of other settings. 

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in art education should pursue the BA in Art with an Undergraduate Certificate in Art Education. In order to meet the requirements of the UF Bachelor of Arts program, students of the BA Arts Education program must complete 30 Credit-of-Education courses. In order to receive a second teaching internship, students must complete at least one B. Arts 2 (SEYS 376) is the first method course and must be enrolled for at least two years and complete the second method course (SEYS 365) before receiving their second teaching internship.


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