Children’s Art Paintings

This is a fun and messy finger painting that will leave your child with beautiful results. This activity can be used to teach your children how to transfer and copy images, or you can use pre-printed Warhol artist cards. Starry Night “is a title that small children can remember, and Van Gogh is another name they should know. You can use this activity to teach them how to transfer or copy an image using a variety of different colors, shapes, sizes, colors and textures.

Miro has always had an amazing surrealist quality to his work, which makes him a fun artist to study, and he is one of my favorite artists of all time.

Featuring representations of Kusama’s iconic artwork, this book tells the story of the artist’s love for everything covered in polka dots. Artistic pets by telling the stories of children who enjoy the animal art of their pets. Featured artists include Andy Warhol and his beloved dachshunds, Salvador Dali and many other famous animals. 

Written by award-winning author and illustrator John Hare, Action Jackson tells the story of one of America’s most famous artists, Jackson Pollock. Written by the author of the popular children’s book “Rabbit the Rabbit,” this book explores the life and work of this iconic artist and his beloved dog Haring. In detail, readers follow Pollock as he creates his iconic painting “Number 1,” also known as the “Lavender Nebula,” into his barn studio and observe how he lays a canvas on the floor and begins to work.

The story is supplemented by Robert Andrew Parker’s watercolor illustrations and interviews with prospective art historians, artists and artist families, as well as artists themselves. 

If you’re old enough to read a long novel but still have a child – like fantasy – check out this book, “Meeting of the Mind and the Heart,” by Robert Andrew Parker. If you are looking for other creative ways to exhibit your children’s art, here are some of my little ones “curated paintings and drawings. I made a painted frame with a wire cord opening to which my children could clamp their favorite art. 

Creating a long series of frames in the playroom or bedroom is a fun way to add a splash of color and showcase the art of your children. You can transform your children’s artwork into unique wall art by uploading your creations to canvas prints or creating your own printing frames. The white frame and narrow white mat are ideal for a quick and easy display of your child’s artwork on the wall or in your home. 


Lovers will particularly enjoy having an original work of art on the wall, and they will love the colorful design that showcases the art of black lacquer scratching, with a pompom top for added fun. Be creative to celebrate your children’s artwork and give friends and family members something they can use to decorate their homes. 

The Star Spin Painting is a fun and creative way for kids who will love it, and they can have fun making Spin Art Stars with a mixed media approach. Take a spin – art star and turn it into a unique New Year’s Eve banner as part of your holiday decoration. 

It is a lot of fun to experiment with, and you will find that you use this painting project in a variety of ways that your children will love to explore and create. Try painting with different colors, shapes, shades and colors and try it out! 

Your kids will have a great time making this fall tree painting art project with the bundled q – tips! If you are looking for other art projects that you can try out, have a look at our children’s art painting project as well as children’s art books and children’s art books. 

We decided to turn our cookie cutter prints into an autumn placemat and they turned out to be great! This free printable tree template contains all the necessary ingredients to make this autumn craft perfect for children of all ages. 


This great multimedia art project will encourage children to paint with acrylic, use watercolours and draw with sharpeners. Children will love to paint with watercolors to create this apple tree painting that is adaptable for children of all ages. 

This card making for Mother’s Day is a beautiful art project that children can make for their mother or grandma for Mother’s Day. The map uses coffee filters and a fun watercolor technique to create the background. 

This bookmark and card set for Mother’s Day is a beautiful handmade gift idea for children that they can make for their mother or grandma for this year’s holiday. 

This is a great project for children that they can do themselves and that is so much fun that they enjoy it so much! This unique painting technique is used in many different types of art projects, from children’s books to art cards, and there are so many great ideas for your children to make.


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