Art History Paintings in American History

Other supporters in the West focused on New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California and other parts of the East Coast.  Gilbert Stuart painted more than 1,000 people, including the first six presidents of the United States. Chapter 1 focuses on George Washington and his journey from New York to Washington, Among his best works is … Read more

Hardwood Floors For Interior Design And For Home Decorating

The use of hardwood floors, made of wood, for interior design and for home decoration, is a beautiful trend in home decoration, and not only for the home.  The modern wooden parts bring warmth and beautiful texture to the interior, and the different types of wood created for modern furniture are incorporated into the interior … Read more

Lifetime Inspiration and Wisdom

These inspiring quotes and famous words of wisdom will brighten up your day and make you get involved in everything. Take our new quiz to find out which quotes inspire you the most! We love hearing your top tips, leave us a comment below with your favorite quote or one of your own favorite quotes … Read more

5 Most Popular Meme Shirts

The cartoon cat first appeared on August 4, 2018, when the first picture of the most likely creature was posted online. The meme, a portable cultural entity, has failed because artists have designed and sold hundreds of thousands of different versions of it, from the original cartoon to the newer.  While Amazon is largely a … Read more

Friendship Quotes and Your Marriage Life

It is true that we usually have few really good friends in our lives, but they are not always the ones we are looking for.  Now that such friendly and close friends have married and started a new life, we all have the opportunity to enjoy a happy wedding. We have compiled a compilation of … Read more

Top 4 Tips On How To Take Funny Pictures With Your Camera

If you want to take photos with a smartphone and take better pictures, we recommend investing in a selfie stick. This allows you to keep the camera at a more reasonable distance from your body, giving you more control over how you frame and compose your shots. It will also help reduce the weird wide-angle … Read more

Ancient History of Stonehenge

Stonehenge, like other archaeological discoveries, has revealed the secrets of Britain since 2500 BC. It has lived, died, served and told us what life was like for our ancient ancestors.  The first thing this great stone circle tells us is that life in prehistoric Britain was pretty good, at least for a while. Located on … Read more

A Special Education Success Story With Add and ADHD

Teenagers with ADHD are organized, and we have customized and modified tests for students with ADD and ADHD. We help secondary school students without ADHD to organize themselves and to do their school work more effectively.  General education teachers receive training for working with children with special needs, including ADHD and learning disabilities. Learning disabilities … Read more

6 Tips to Painting Abstract Art Paintings

I believe there is no right or wrong way to make an abstract art painting, but it is important that artists feel free to experiment and explore painting. If you approach the painting style with the following tips, you are more likely to create a work of art that you enjoy as much as you … Read more

Basic Web Design Tips

You wouldn’t consider yourself someone with a good eye for web design, but you can create a beautiful, user-friendly website that stands out visually. This is especially true for the design, as a poorly designed website could confuse, frustrate and make visitors unlikely to revisit the site. When creating and designing a website, you should … Read more