The Ancient History of Jewelry

The material from which the oldest civilizations made jewelry ranged from simple pearls to precious metals such as gold and silver. In fact, antique jewelry was often used as a kind of toy or personal jewelry, but it also had more serious uses and meanings. Jewelry or jewelry (also spelled “jewelry”), originally from the Latin … Read more

Teaching In The Hormone Zone

Dr. Colbert believes that the root cause of most diseases and degenerations is suboptimal hormone levels, and he has found that we can be part of a disease – resistant cancer. The key is not hormone balance, but optimisation to increase energy and strength, improve mood and memory and help us to feel younger, healthier … Read more

Stretch Fine Art Canvas Prints For Greater Profit

The New York Times in a recent article about the need to stretch the artificial screen to achieve better profit margins, according to a new study.  POD service that prints art in a range of media (think mobile phone cases, carrier bags, etc.) Upload an image, set your own price for the available print size … Read more